Any basketball fan worthy of the name has watched this video

Jason Williams was nothing short of a magician throughout his 12 year career. 

Asked what would life be like if he was a point guard today, “easier,” replied Muggsy Bogues, the smallest player in NBA history. “You can’t touch nobody anymore,” he told The Guardian.

Would Jason be more effective in 2017? Who knows. One thing is for sure, his modest, camera shy demeanour is the reason he never got the profile he deserved. He truly is a great ambassador for the game, as well as generous philanthropist and an all round top bloke.


Truth from YouTube:


How come I never hear people talking about this guy?


Paytons face says it all lol. “damn this kid can ball”


When your X button is broken so you have to double tap O to flashy pass everytime ??

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