Tiger Woods Shoots 82 at Phoenix Open


Disastrous. That’s really the only way to sum up Tiger Woods and his round of 82 at the Phoenix Open. Give him credit though for at least showing a sense of humor.

After the round, his worst score as a professional, at TPC Scottsdale, Woods stepped to the podium and said: “I’m just doing this so I don’t get fined.”

The reference, of course, is a nod to Marshawn Lynch, the Seattle Seahawks running back.

For just the second time in his professional career, Woods failed to break 80. The missed cut was just the 13th time worldwide that he failed to qualify for the final 36 holes and the first time he has done so in back-to-back official tournaments. Woods, 39, also matched his career-high worst nine-hole score of 44. “We all have days like this,” said Woods, who was in last place in the 132-player field when his round ended. “Unfortunately, mine was in a public forum, a public setting. We all have days like this. We take the good with the bad, and the thing is even on bad days like this, just keep fighting, because on the good days you’ve got to keep fighting, as well.”

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