WATCH: After Rejecting ROX PraY, Team SoloMid Better Have A Special Player Lined Up

Even those with limited life experience will know – receiving a message that features the opening gambit: “Thanks for your interest and reaching out to us.” probably isn’t going to end on a positive note. After leaking a glimpse of his messaging browser on stream, it’s fair to say that former ROX Tigers AD Carry Kim “PraY” Jong-in didn’t receive the news he was hoping for from his Team SoloMid AD Carry job application.

Following Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng’s decision to step down as starting AD Carry for the North American champions, Team SoloMid initially advertised the AD Carry role to Challenger players from across the globe. As an organisation with the luxury of flexing some serious financial muscle, TSM even have (had?) the luxury of an import slot to utilise – begging the question as to why team owner Andy “Reginald” Dinh wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to sign PraY, arguably the best AD Carry in the world?

Source: Riot Games Flickr
Source: Riot Games Flickr

Following the stream leak, sources within the League of Legends community claimed that Team SoloMid had offered the Korean AD Carry a $500,000 deal to play for Team SoloMid – a contract that would dwarf the earnings of TSM’s star Mid Laner Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg.

PraY quickly quashed the rumours, addressing the Team SoloMid story directly on stream:

“If that was the case, I would be crawling my way to TSM,

“Seriously, that is an amount of money that would make me crawl all the way to North America.”

Kim “PraY” Jong-in

In reality, the free agent appears to be facing a far bleaker future, facing a far bleaker prospect of unemployment if he can’t secure himself a team position before the roster-locks for the 2017 season are set in stone.

“There’s nothing I can do about it,

“I am thinking about the possibility of being unemployed. I do want to continue my career as a professional gamer, but some parts of that aren’t up to me.”

Kim “PraY” Jong-in

Source: Riot Games Flickr
Source: Riot Games Flickr

It’s almost unfathomable to consider an AD Carry of PraY’s caliber could worry about finding himself a team – perhaps more surprising that Team SoloMid wouldn’t bite at the opportunity to secure his services – particularly considering Jason “Wildturtle” Tran’s underwhelming performance at IEM Oakland.

If team owner Andy “Reginald” Dinh is willing to turn away top Korean talent when they’re willing to crawl to North America, you have to assume he’s lined up a fairly phenomenal replacement for Doublelift. It’s potentially very exciting for Team SoloMid… but could just as easily prove to be a huge mistake when the roster announcement is made.

There’s a strong possibility that Team SoloMid have suffered from some rather unfortunate timing. ROX Tigers disbanded a month after Team SoloMid began their tryouts for the AD Carry position, by which point Reginald may have already penned the contract for TSM’s latest addition – days before PraY announced himself as a free agent.

If the new member slumps, it’ll be yet another agonising case of what might have been for Team SoloMid.

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