5 Phil Mickelson Photos That Will Make You LOL

Phil Mickelson: Legend

Phil Mickelson is one of the most popular golfers of the last quarter century. Always a fan favorite, Phil is know for his easy going and well-natured attitude. Here’s five hilarious photos of Mickelson that had us going, “that’s so Phil.”


5. Mickelson vs. Poulter at Abu Dhabi

Mickelson FI

4. Mickelson and Tiger are Samurai Warriors

Mickelson and Tiger
Getty Images

3. Throwback Phil – 1990 U.S. Amateur
Young Phil

Photo: USGA

2. Phil Mickelson – The Ladies Man
Phil and Amy Mickelson

Photo: SI

1. Classic Bad Shot Mickelson Face

Mickelson Face
Photo: Matt Smith/AP Photo

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