Mark Hubbard’s Marriage Proposal A Hole-In-One

Hubbard FI

Mark Hubbard has raised the bar for all men wanting to propose to their girlfriends.

Last week at Pebble Beach, the 25-year-old rookie from San Jose tapped in for par, and dropped to a knee behind the 18th green with the ring in hand. And in case you were wondering, girlfriend Meaghan McCurley said yes (how could she not?).

Apparently, Hubbard had been planning the proposal for two months and both families were in on it.

“Her mom had the idea when I asked her dad for permission,” Hubbard said after an even-par 72. “She just thought it would be cool to include golf, and we’ve been together for so long I felt like I had to do something different than just take her out to dinner or something. So it just kind of all clicked.”

Well done Mark, well done.

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