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As part of its new content creation initiative, Click On Golf is offering golfers the opportunity to produce weekly web TV shows that will be syndicated to a global reach of over 2,000,000 golf addicts.  Shows will be funded by Click On Golf and allow regular golfers to build up a fan following on the site.

The content creation initiative, launched in February 2015 by founders Richard Wilson and Benjamin Potter, is in response to the demand for original programming that is driving most of the traffic across Click On Golf.

Click On Golf is now welcoming unsolicited submissions for show ideas. While ideas need to be strong to even be considered for a pilot, we are ultimately looking for personalities that can deliver exceptional content week in, week out. Whether it’s delivering news in a satirical way or an instruction show that raises issues about modern day , all ideas are welcomed and will be reviewed by Click On Golf’s creative team based in New York.

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Click On Golf is looking for web series ideas to turn into great entertainment. Creators of original programs will have their work published across Click On Golf and reach up to 2,000,000 golfers a month. If you’re selected, you’ll get your show produced and you’ll even make money doing it!

To enter a show idea, please submit them here.

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