10 Ways To Make Golf Tournaments More Awesome

Have you ever been to a PGA Tour golf tournament and thought “this isn’t as cool as I thought it would be?” If that sounds like you, then you’re one of thousands who believe that golf has a tendency to be, among other things, dull.

So who’s ready to have some fun?

We’ve compiled a list of the ten most hilarious ways to make golf more awesome. No more boring golf claps, no more being so uptight. Will any of these suggestions ever go into effect? Probably not. But can you imagine the fun we’d all have if they actually were? Hmm…

10 ways to make golf tournaments more awesome

1. More Cell Phones: Photos, Selfies and Videos


Even Mickey Mouse wants to take a selfie with a professional golfer. Seriously, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could use our cell phones more at golf events? After all, people literally couldn’t survive these days without them. Let’s get rid of this no flash photography nonsense and start taking nonstop pictures and videos. How awesome would it be if after a great shot, Bubba Watson comes over and takes a selfie with a group of fans? Sounds pretty cool to us.

2. Let’s Make Some Noise!

The golf clap? – BORING. Let’s make some real noise. Rickie Fowler knows what we’re talking about. Check out the scene from the dessert at this year’s Phoenix Open. This literally needs to happen all the time on tour.

3. Give Every Tournament a Theme

The Barracuda Championship? The Shell Houston Open? Yawn. Can’t we spruce up these titles up a bit, or at least give them a theme? Sure, the sponsors are important. But let’s then at least integrate the sponsors in a way that won’t bore everyone to death and will get some more eyeballs on the television. Case in point – Happy Gilmore and Subway.

4. Bathrooms

Raise your hand if you enjoy using a porta-potty when you’re at a golf event. Didn’t think so. Can’t we have better bathroom facilities at a well produced PGA tournament? Let’s bust out the nicer ones with separate bathrooms for men and women. AND – they would have sinks. What a concept! Seriously, up the bathroom game and we bet more people would enjoy their overall experience.


5. Mic’d Up Players & Caddies

Sure this happens occasionally, but it would be way cooler if the television audience got more sights and sounds when they’re watching their favorite golf event. It’s often times these off-the-cuff moments caught on camera provide the most enjoyable moments and soundbites. Let’s mic up every golfer and caddie so we never miss anything hilarious ever again.

6. Cheerleaders

Do we really even need to explain this one? Football has them, basketball has them, why not golf?

“McIlroy is awesome,
McIlroy is cool,
McIlroy will sink this put
and make you act a fool.”


Any good?

7. Time Clock For Each Shot

Part of the drama of sports is created by the clock. The buzzer beater in basketball, the Hail Mary at the end of a football game, or the knockout punch in boxing at the end of the round. A shot clock in golf anyone? Imagine the drama at the Masters if on the 18th green, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are tied. Tiger has a 12 foot putt for the win, but the clock is running. You’re telling us that wouldn’t add a whole new element of drama? Tick-tock, tick-tock…


8. The Bar Scene

Spirits, libations, liquor, alcohol, booze. Whatever you want to call it, (responsible) drinking unquestionably livens up the game of golf. So why not sprinkle a few circular bars around the course, perhaps between fairways for example? These bars could easily sit between 5-10 people who can hang out, get a drink and still see a lot of the action between the holes.

If you’re lucky, maybe Graeme McDowell will pour you a round, as he was doing at the Cleveland/Srixon/XXIO booth at the 2015 PGA Show.

9. More Celebrations

Not that this doesn’t happen now, but the celebrations on tour should be a lot more choreographed and over the top. Sure we get the fist pump and the hands in the air, but look at football for example. They have some of the most epic celebrations after a touchdown. Marshawn Lynch gets skittles thrown at him for crying out loud. Golf should stop being so uptight and share in the laughs. Ben Crane certainly wouldn’t mind.

10. Mascots

This is similar to cheerleaders, but probably a bit more fun. What kind of mascots would you want to see on the golf course?

We want to hear what YOU think! If you have some awesome suggestions on how to make golf more outrageously fun, upload a video and let us know! Or, submit a few ideas in the comments below or write us on social media.

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