WATCH: Kyle Busch proves he’s literally the chillest dude in NASCAR… again

Sharon Wong

You never know, I’ll even jump out and autograph for fans in traffic. ?

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Three weeks ago, Kyle Busch made a woman cry for two hours. No, he didn’t do anything against the law or against the dictates of common decency. In fact, he kind of went above and beyond what was required of him, signing a hat for dedicated fan Darienne Breazeale at the Martinsville Speedway and inviting her to be his special guest at Bristol Motor Speedway.

“I knew I was freaking out but I didn’t know my face looked like that,” the resident of Wilmington, N.C., gushed, “Right when he was signing my hat, I didn’t know if you could tell, but I started crying and I cried for two hours after that; I was just so happy.”

Every good turn deserves to be followed by another (we totally made that saying up, by the way). And he’s done this in rewarding fashion, jumping from his vehicle to sign the hat of a fan caught in traffic.

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