The 10 best uniforms in sports history

If you’re a sports fan like myself, you probably have certain teams from each sport that you like to root for, which means you probably own a jersey of a certain player from that team.

There are certain times, though, when the team you root for has an ugly ass jersey, and whenever you wear it you’re stuck looking like kind of a dumb ass. That results in people rooting for teams with awesome jerseys, which to be honest I really don’t have any problem with. One of the best things about sports in the different jerseys, some of them being much nicer than others.

So being the gentleman that I am, I went ahead and ranked the ten best uniforms in sports history. Some of them more modern than others on the list, while some were just because they’re just classic jerseys that every sports fan should respect. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show. And for the record I didn’t include the Dallas Cowboys jerseys on this list. Yes, I know they’re timeless classic, but I fucking hate the Cowboys and won’t give them credit for a goddamn thing.

There’s your list folks. Will people disagree with it? Probably, but what the hell do they know. Every jersey I’ve put on this list is nothing short of a 10/10, some of them even being a 20/10. I’ll admit that there are some jerseys that were left off of the list that I feel probably could have been included, but at the end of the day these were the ten best jerseys that have ever been donned in the history of sports.

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