Everything You Need To Know About Immortals New AD Carry Cody Sun

Immortals inch ever closer to announcing the entirety of their roster ahead of the Intel Extreme Masters Gyeonggi; former Dream Team AD Carry, commonly known as Cody “Massacre” Sun is the latest confirmed member of the roster. Cody Sun will replace the departed Jason “Wildturtle” Tran, who has since signed for Team SoloMid.

Compared to the other headline names in the roster, Sun is a relatively unknown talent, due in part to the confusion regarding his in-game name. To be NA LCS appropriate, it is expected that he will drop the “Massacre” element of his name and be referred to simply as Cody Sun, he has also been known as “TM8” in the past.

Source: Immortals
Source: Immortals

Cody Sun first gained community acclaim playing alongside newly announced Immortals Jungler Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett under the banner of Team Imagine – unfortunately the team was bought mid NACS season and replaced by an entirely new roster of players. Cody “Massacre” Sun and Dardoch were quickly identified as the stars of the team and the new management initially intended to keep Sun. Sadly, as a Chinese born Canadian, he encountered visa issues and was subsequently replaced by Pierre “Steeelback” Medjaldi instead.

The AD Carry later re-emerged playing on a team called Frostbite in the winter of 2015, coached by former Team Curse player Joedat “Voyboy” Esfahani. The team of amateurs made a strong case to be considered the 2nd best team in the Open Qualifiers, but as a result of some dubious qualification formatting, Frostbite were drawn against Dardoch’s Liquid Academy team to get into the NACS. Dardoch came out on top in the match up with his former teammates.

Source: Team Liquid
Source: Team Liquid

Ultimately, the other team to qualify for the NACS, Dream Team moved to replace their AD Carry within their first week of playing in the NACS, bringing in Massacre to join the team. He played with Dream Team for both the Spring and Summer splits in the NACS.

With Cody Sun posting some strong performances, Dream Team established themselves a dominant force leading into the playoffs. In the Summer Split, Dream Team lost Vincent “Biofrost” Wang to Team SoloMid and lost his replacement to a boosting ban. The team ended the split in the middle of the pack, yet Sun lead all NACS ADCs in KDA and cs/minute – an impressive records considering his team was an average NACS team.

“I understand that I’m a rookie player and this is the first time playing in the LCS, but I hope you guys follow my journey through LCS and I can make you guys proud.”

Cody Sun

Cody Sun has signed a two year contract with Immortals. Investing in native talent is a natural choice for the revamped NA LCS title hopefuls, who have placed an emphasis on developing young players in 2017… but perhaps more importantly, need to free up import slots wherever possible.

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