Jeff Ritter – The Hinge And Fold


Leading coach Jeff Ritter shows how folding the wrists slightly in chipping – contrary to what many golfers have been taught – will improve your short game. 

Jeff Ritter is one of the world’s most prominent golf instructors with a presence that reaches all corners of the globe. Hailed for his unique approach to coaching, Jeff’s method of communication utilizes creative concepts from all walks of life in a manner that inspires his students and makes this difficult game seem effortless.

Jeff was recently named in the prestigious list of Golf Digest Best Young Teachers In America. He is a prominent figure in golf media, appearing in magazines such as Golf Digest, Golf Tips and Golf Punk. He has also been seen and heard on ESPN, Fox Sports, and PGA TOUR Sirius XM Radio.

Jeff’s coaching inspires his students to realize that whether it is mind, body, game or life, the key to enacting positive change lays in ones self awareness. Jeff cuts through the illusions that limit success in a way that not only simplifies your outlook, but more importantly inspires you to want and believe in your authentic target. That is, that you want and deserve more than you had ever imagined possible.

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