Quest For The Perfect Club: Testing TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver

TaylorMade Aeroburner

By Matt Cohen

I have a confession to make. I don’t have a driver in my bag. There are three reasons why:

1.) Last year after buying my irons, my putter, my golf bag, my woods and my wedges I didn’t have enough money left over to purchase a good quality driver.
2.) As a high handicap player, I have never been able to hit the driver well. I either slice three holes over or snap-hook the heck out of it.
3.) I am a pretty decent hitter, even with my 3 wood. I can get 225-250 yards off the tee.

So in January when I went to the 2015 PGA Show in Orlando, Florida, one of the clubs I was really excited to test out was the TaylorMade R15. The R Series has widely been among the most popular driver for both professionals and the average golfer. I thought it might be a good fit for me.

I hit it alright, but not great. Predictably, I was hitting balls all over the place. After analyzing my swing, the TaylorMade instructor recommended that I try the TaylorMade AeroBurner. I wasn’t really too familiar with the club, so I said sure, why not. Boy am I glad I did.

I tested the club again a few weeks later at the 2015 New Jersey Golf Show in Somerset, New Jersey.

After testing the AeroBurner out at two different golf shows, I think I’ve finally found a driver that I would strongly considering purchasing.

The reason the AeroBurner works so well for me is because it’s so light but it doesn’t sacrifice power. The driver weighs less than 300 grams which really helps me get the club head around, a problem I’ve had when testing other drivers in the past.

According to TaylorMade, its lightweight design works with the “Aero Hosel” – a small fin located on the hosel of the club – that is specially designed to reduce drag. This helps boost club head speed, one of the main components of distance. The hosel is not adjustable because of the size of the new Speed Pocket, which extends across the entirety of the driver’s sole.

I also noticed that the club is extremely forgiving. Off-center hits still had good yardage on them. Slices were no longer slicing and hooks were no longer hooking.

Another reason I love this club? The price. At just $299.99, a new AeroBurner driver won’t break the bank. The R15 460cc runs $429.00. The club has been out since January. I think I might finally have found a driver for me to play with this summer.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Have you tested out the AeroBurner driver, or have you actually went ahead and purchased one? If so, what do you think of the club and what made you buy it for game? Leave a comment below or upload a video of your very own club review!

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