Golf Style: 9 Signature Looks Throughout The Years


Golf is the only sport where you can truly make a fashion statement.

From the early days when golf was played on the wind-swept Scottish links, men wore knickers, bulky tweed coats, starched shirts, ties and a tweed cap to embody the full gentleman’s look.

Golf style has changed dramatically since then, but one thing remains true to this day – a well dressed golfer is still a thing of beauty.

These 9 golfers throughout the years have personified what it means to look the part and play the part.

Walter Hagen

Signature: The Tie

Walter Hagen and Bobby Jones led the golfing boom of the 1920’s, when the game gained mass popularity. While Jones was the amateur boy wonder, Hagen was a man’s man, with a boisterous personality and assertive character. Hagen was widely known for his impressive wardrobe, which featured expensive tailored clothes in bright colors and plush fabrics. A true sportsman, Hagen played in hundreds of exhibition matches around the country and the world, and was instrumental in growing the game.


Ben Hogan

Signature: Country Club Chic

Although just 5-foot-7, Ben Hogan had plenty of swag when it came to his wardrobe. ‘The Hawk,’ who won 9 major championships, had an impeccable fashion sense that featured tailored pants, knit sweaters and an ever present cigarette. Without a doubt, Hogan was the model for the country club look.


Arnold Palmer

Signature: The Fitted Polo

Goodbye flannel suits, hello short sleeves. Arnold Palmer popularized the next era in golf fashion with the fitted polo. This era was also marked by a more diverse color palette. The King, who was as sharp and as GQ as there ever was, helped usher in a new era of golf style.


Seve Ballesteros

Signature: The V-Neck Sweater

Seve burst onto the scene in the late 1970’s and early 80’s. Hailing from Spain, he helped popularize the blue v-neck sweater look, which became immortalized by the European Ryder Cup team following his tragic death in 2012. Seve won a record 50 European Tour titles and looked good for every one of them.


Payne Stewart

Signature: Argyle Socks and Golf Cap

Payne Stewart’s fashion game was strong. The iconic image of Stewart pumping his fist after winning the 1999 U.S. Open will forever be engrained into the minds of golf fans all over the globe. The colorful argyle socks were a staple of Stewart’s wardrobe, as was the traditional golf cap. Stewart truly owned his look and golf is better off for it.

Payne Stewart

Jesper Parnevik

Signature: Upturned Fitted Bill Hat

Jesper Parnevik is known equally for his fashion and his playing accomplishments (winning 13 professional tournaments and spending nearly 40 weeks in the world top 10). But it’s Jesper’s wardrobe that made him a true fashion maven. Known for his eccentric taste, Parnevik is most known for the upturned bill hat and for notably changing outfits midway through a round. While he doesn’t wear the signature hat as much lately, he still retains his flamboyant fashion sense, and remains one of the more colorful players in the game. Having just turned 50, golf fans will be able to see ‘The Spaceman’ on The Champions Tour for years to come.

Zurich Classic of New Orleans - Round One

John Daly

Signature: ???

Honestly, no one really knows what to call John Daly’s style. Whatever it is, he owns it, and nobody else is close. Daly is in partnership with Loudmouth Golf, a sportswear company known for their flamboyant trousers. Daly definitely gets the nod for wildest outfits, and his everyman personality has endeared him to golf fans for over 20 years.

Hong Kong Open - Day One

Bubba Watson

Signature: Buttoned Up Polo

Georgia’s favorite son isn’t flashy or particularly noteworthy when it comes to his fashion sense except for one thing – he buttons the top button. Why does he button the top button?

“I didn’t like how my chest hair stuck out from the top of my shirts, so I started buttoning them all the way up to the top. Now, everybody recognizes me as the guy who buttons his shirts to the top, so it’s just something I do naturally.”

The 2014 Masters Tournament

Rickie Fowler

Signature: The Puma

Once known strictly for his fashion persona, Fowler is now known as being one of the best young golfers in the game today. But it’s his style and cool vibe that has helped him transcend the game and become more of a pop culture figure. Fowler has been with Cobra Puma Golf since 2010, a year after he turned pro. The oversized Puma hat (usually orange) and bright colorful dress has become his signature look. The young talent is brimming with potential and at just 26 years old, will be a force on tour for many years to come.

World Golf Championships-Accenture Match Play Championship - Round Three

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