In Pictures: The 15 Greatest Innovators In Competitive League of Legends

Competitive League of Legends can get a little stagnant from time to time, with the latest Intel Extreme Masters Gyeonggi was as a prime example – anyone keen to watch more Maokai vs Poppy in the top lane? In a game with regular patches and reworks, superior champions are heavily prioritised in professional play. Alongside Riot Games tweaks and changes, it often takes requires innovative pro players to shake up the game with their own revolutionary picks.

Everyone remembers the month they spent practicing Twisted Fate in the Jungle after Mateusz “Kikis” Szkudlarek cracked out his revolutionary pick for Unicorns of Love to demolish Team SoloMid, or the crazy period of Miss Fortune support that followed the 2016 World Championship between SK Telecom T1 and ROX Tigers. But which professional player has played the greatest number of unique champions during their career on the rift?

If Fnatic’s Paul “sOAZ” Boyer’s reputation stands for anything, surely the pioneer of Ziggs in the Top Lane should make the list… it was certainly an iconic moment.

Statistics for the top 15 countdown are drawn from the League of Legends Wikipedia:



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