Golf Tips To Get Your Game Ready For Spring


Spring is finally around the corner, and winter is finally in the rearview mirror.

For golfers all over the country, it’s time to start thinking about golf again. But it’s a lot easier said then done to go get the clubs out of the garage and pick up right where you left off last fall. You just might be a tad rusty.

To avoid too much rust, here’s a playlist of a few tips we pulled to get your mind right and your game tight.

1. How To Know You’re Gripping A Club Properly

2. Incredible Golf Drill To Control Tension

3. How To Hit It Solid Every Time

4. Tips From The Tour: Bubba Watson On Curing A Slice

5. Phil Mickelson On The Hinge & Fold Chip Shot

6. Improve Your Putting Rhythm With This Simple Drill

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