WATCH: Hilarious Reactions To Epic EU CS Backdoor From Around The Globe

The Challenger scene often fails to draw the crowds and the viewership figures recorded by its older brother, yet it isn’t without its moments of raw excitement. As Fnatic Academy faced off against Euronics Gaming in the European Challenger Series Open Qualifier, the handful of diehard League of Legends fans who had tuned in watch the action were treated to a hilarious end to the opening match. As there was no official stream provided for the game, aspiring casters from across the globe provided coverage of the games in their native languages.

In truth, the opening match between Euronics Gaming and Fnatic Academy was far from a polished performance. The 70 minute clown fiesta tallied 42 kills across the board, with neither side capable of strategising a route to victory. Ultimately, the game was ended by a backdoor (kind of) from ESG’s AD Carry, Tarik ‘Holz’ Holz.

With yet another brawl taking place in the ESG jungle, seemingly turning in FNCA’s favour, Holz seized the opportunity to run it down mid on Varus and put an end to the nightmare of a game. The ADC certainly went un-noticed by Fnatic Academy and even escaped the attention of the casters watching around the world:


English Stream


The English stream, presented by aspiring American Shoutcaster “CaptainFlowers”, perfectly captured the reaction of the bewildered majority.


German Stream


The German coverage of the game’s finale was frantically cast by Frederik “noway4u” from Munich. To his credit, Frederik was one of the few people watching the game who noticed the sneaky strategy before it unfolded. Understandably, his high-pitched reaction after over an hours caster was an intense combination of excitement and sheer relief.


French Stream


French Streamer Kotei Zousa, friend of Fnatic Academy Mid Laner Yasin “Nisqy” Dincer, decided to spectate the game and provide his own French commentary. Though he was more aware than CaptainFlowers, Zousa barely caught the final moments of the match as Holz took the first game in the series from his friend.

Though the EU CS may not played at the quality most fans are used to witnessing in the LCS – indeed Fnatic Academy played horribly for the majority of the series – the Challenger Series is still capable of delivering moments of brilliance.

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