Meteos Enters The First Phase Of Retirement As He Sits On The Bench For Cloud9

Cloud9 Jungler and original founding member William “Meteos” Hartman has been named as a Cloud9 substitute for the 2017 Spring Split. 17-year-old prospect Juan Arturo “Contractz” Garcia will step up to fill the shoes left by the iconic C9 man, whose journey as a professional eSports player started in Season 1. Now at the age of 23, Meteos seems to be approaching the end of his career, as he explores his options as a streamer.

The off-season has been a notably quiet period for Cloud9, who have kept their business largely to themselves amidst the chaos of the NA LCS roster swaps: Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong remains as the team’s starting Top Laner, Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen holds down his spot in the Mid Lane, Andy “Smoothie” Ta and Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi fill out the bottom lane.

Alongside the addition of Ji-won “Ray” Jeon as a substitute Top Laner, Contractz promotion from Cloud9 Challenger to replace Meteos is the most significant move of Cloud9’s offseason.

Source: Riot Games Flickr
Source: Riot Games Flickr

Meteos bows out of the starting roster as a Cloud9 veteran, part of the team’s first LCS roster for the Summer 2013 split. Hartman established his status as the team’s ‘superstar jungler’, notching a remarkable 25-3 record in the regular season and winning the NA LCS Summer Playoffs before getting knocked out in the Quarterfinals of the World Championship. During the Summer Split, the rookie Meteos set an NA LCS record with a 12.7 KDA.

Returning to the scene in 2016 after a brief hiatus, Meteos secured his team a slot at Worlds once more with a series of consistent performances in the NA LCS. The World Championship itself was a difficult period for Meteos, who was outclassed in nearly every matchup, struggling to hold his own on some the tournament’s most powerful picks. His Lee Sin performance in the hour long matchup vs Flash Wolves became a running joke for the remainder of the tournament…

Honourable mention to perhaps the worst Lee Sin ever witnessed on the international stage. Countless suicides, awful positioning, sloppy mechanics - watching Meteos play Lee Sin was reminiscent of watching a Bronze V jungler trying to emulate the montage he'd seen on the internet.

Meteos could certainly still hold his own in the NA LCS. Though he’s perhaps no longer regarded as one of the best Junglers in the region, it would be fair to rate the American as the 5th or 6th best Jungler during the summer split. Reignover, Dardoch, Xmithie, and Svenskeren could certainly be considered superior, whilst Phoenix1’s Inori arguably outperformed him at the latter half of the split.

Though his performances may have started to slowly decline, it appears that Meteos himself wanted to step down from his position as the team’s starting Jungler:

“Basically, I just like don’t feel like playing anymore right now.

“I think the term retired is pretty weird because maybe ill play in the future, but right now, I’d just rather stream and stuff.”

William “Meteos” Hartman

Similar to the situation the Team SoloMid management team faced with Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, Meteos simply doesn’t appear to have the motivation to play in the LCS anymore, forcing the team to react with the promotion of Contractz.

He may be hesitant to describe his situation as a retirement, but in demoting himself to the bench in favour of streaming, Meteos has taken his first step towards the life of a professional streamer.

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