WATCH: Russian hockey player scores amazing goal

There’s a singular beauty to hockey; a savage ballet performed by large men wearing knives for shoes. The coordination needed to play at a high level is amazing.

The pass goes through the defender’s legs and then the player, Geoff Platt, chips the puck up in the air, juggles it, and hits it out of midair to score.

As a fluke, the play would be impressive, but the fact that he did that on purpose is just ridiculous.

Check out the whole video with sound. The Russians aren’t known for being a particularly effusive bunch, but the announcer conjures a solid “Oy yoy yoy yoy yoyyyyy!”

This gem comes to us from the Kontinental Hockey League, formerly known as the Russian Superleague. The KHL is primarily based in Russia, but has teams in Belarus, China, Croatia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Latvia, and Slovakia.

Russia is cold as shit. It’s no surprise that many of the world’s elite hockey players hail from the Russian Federation, but one light shines brighter than the rest.

NHL superstar Alexander Ovechkin has eclipsed his countrymen in terms of recognizability, but players like Evgeni Malkin, Vladmir Tarasenko, and Artem Panarin all count themselves among the NHL’s best.

Despite Russia’s storied history as a hockey nation, one of its smaller neighbors has over twice as many players in the NHL.

Percentage of NHL players by country:

The best thing about hockey is that it’s exciting; fast-paced, fluid, and non-coach-dominated. And players can punch each other in the face without getting in too much trouble.

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