In Pictures: The Significant Business Deals That Shaped eSports In 2016

Across the globe, 2016 was a year that many would rather forget. From grizzly political battles to depressing celebrity deaths, the blurb for the past year makes for a particularly depressing read. As eSports fans however, 2016 presented a number of reasons to be optimistic about the future… when it comes to the development of the eSports industry at least.

A number of traditional sports figures and heavyweight business organisations have jumped onto the eSports hype-train scene in 2016. After years of industry experts predicting a mass influx of outside interest, the floodgates appear to have opened; the investors poured into every crevice of the eSports scene.

From football clubs creating their own competitive eSports brands to former basketball legends turning their hands to eSports, 2016 may well be remembered in years to come as the start of a sporting revolution, amongst other things. With so many interesting developments taking place within a diverse set of eSports titles, it was easy to lose track of where all the money was going.

To break down all of the major movers and shakers for eSports in 2016, including some you might have missed, navigate through the summary below:

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