Passing the Time From Now Until the Start of The Masters


Golf fans have waited a full calendar year for the 79th Masters Tournament, and now the wait is almost over. Yet despite the fact that play begins in just a few days, Augusta still seems like a long way off.

If these next few days feel like weeks, you need some ways to pass the time.

Passing the time until Thursday

1. Prep your golf man cave

This is a great way to kill some time for a few days. How is your man cave looking? Is it ready for four rounds of championship golf? It better be, or your friends won’t be coming over to your house.

Check out an article we published last week on the best ways to prep your golf man cave.


2. Watch old Masters clips online

You’d be amazed at the amount of video content on YouTube. You could get lost there for hours watching old highlights of Masters tournaments gone by.

Here’s 40 plus minutes on Jack Nicklaus in 1986. Enjoy.

3. Plan your Masters themed outfits

An underrated way to pass the time is to start planning what you’re going to wear. Maybe you like to model your wardrobe after your favorite golfer? If you’re a Tiger guy, you better get your Sunday red together (assuming Tiger is playing on Sunday).

If you’re more the casual type, golf energy drink company Swing Juice has some incredible Masters themed apparel out in time for spring. You can even enter to win some of it by entering our Swing Juice #MastersJuice sweepstakes.


4. What to buy at the grocery store

Is there such a thing as Masters themed food? Well sort of, and there are ways to get creative enough that are in the spirit of the Masters. Buy bags of M&M’s and save the green and yellow ones. Only drink Arnold Palmers or sweet tea all week. Make yourself a pimento cheese sandwich and eat them everyday.

Here’s a great recipe for a delicious pimento cheese sandwich.


5. Go play golf

A round of golf will kill at least 4-5 hours. If you’re pacing around your house waiting for Thursday, you might as well pace around on the golf course.


6. Sleep….A lot

If you’re struggling with waiting until Thursday, then don’t. Sleep in everyday. Forget the recommended eight hours a night. Go for 10-12 hours of solid shuteye to help pass the time.


7. Get your grill ready

This is very important. If you followed step 1, then your golf man cave will be ready. Even if it’s not, your friends might forgive you. But they definitely won’t forgive you if your grub is severely lacking. Do not leave your friends hanging by handing out old bags of potato chips. Go to the store and buy your charcoal, fill up your propane tank, defrost the meat, and get the beer on ice. Your friends will thank you.


8. Send an E-vite out to your friends

Don’t actually forget to invite people. That would be most unfortunate.


9. Stop stressing and just suck it up

Seriously, you’ve waited all year for this. What’s a few more days? Stop being a baby and just deal with the wait. Whether that’s by following any of our recommendations so far or by using your own crazy techniques, the most important thing is that it is officially Masters week. Don’t torture yourself by staring at the clock and counting the seconds. Get out, take your mind of things, and Thursday will be here before you know it.


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