7 Reasons Ben Crane Is The Coolest Guy In Golf


by Richard Meyer | Contributing Writer 

ben crane

Golf has faced some harsh criticism this year as viewing figures have been lacklustre at best and several of golf’s leading stars have been accused of lacking the charisma of the declining Monsieur Woods. One guy who deserves a shout out is Ben Crane, undoubtably golf’s coolest, chilled-out dude who makes me laugh every time he posts a video. He has broken pretty much every golf stereotype that exists through his whackier-than-life personality. 

Here are 7 reasons Ben Crane is one cool mother-trucker: 

1. Ben Crane gives his cell phone number to fans because he cares about his loyal followers


2. Ben Crane poses in photographs with his pants down because he isn’t afraid of people might think about him

Photo by Golf Digest


3. Ben Crane is in a satirical golf rap band because he knows how to have fun when he’s done working on his swing


4. Ben Crane wears lycra because he can

Photo from YouTube.com
Photo from YouTube.com


5. Ben Crane knows how to dance he grew up in a dance academy


6. Ben Crane plays slow and it’s okay because he makes fun of himself for it


7. Ben Crane is a prolific winner because he’s won 5 PGA TOUR titles


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