After Getting Dumpstered Fabbbyyy Is Getting Trolled By Rival Pros… Again

It’s a masochistic character that chooses to actively support Team Liquid – as a team they deliver nothing but heartache and agony – but at least they’re consistent in that regard, the NA LCS summer split has been yet another tale of woe for TL. After replacing AD Carry Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin with former challenger scene player Jovani “Fabbbyyy” Guillen, the team has fallen into a serious slump, with a large proportion of the scene, including former pros, aiming criticism at the management’s AD Carry choices.

The truth of the matter is that piglet simply didn’t want to play in the NA LCS this split, adopting a role with Team Liquid Academy in the challenger scene due to its lower levels of stress. Fabbbyyy replacing Piglet as starting ADC may not have been the best choice but it was certainly the most straightforward option. In fairness, Fabbbyyy got off to a decent start with Liquid, the team seemed to have gelled nicely and were working better as a team – that trend has not continued however.

It’s a sad time to be Team Liquid fan… they’re looking unlikely to even claim their trademark 4th place this split. All is not right in the world.

Sad Liquid PepeCritics of the move have often questioned Liquid’s decision to not look further afield for a replacement ADC. Once Piglet voiced his preference to play in the NA Challenger Series, why did the decision not immediately spark a response from TL to look into alternative ADCs? Running Fabbbyyy as an emergency sub perhaps makes sense, but evidence shows that he’s not up to anything more than that. The manner in which the opinion has been expressed has varied from the reasonable to the downright savage:

Known fondly from the era of SoloQ as the ‘Gatekeeper’ due to his ability to grant or deny players into the highest ranks, Fabbbyyy is renowned for his impressive ability on Draven – a champ that is very rarely considered an acceptable pick in professional play. Then again… there’s a now a new king of the Challenger ladder and he’s not afraid to call it how he sees it:

The aspect that adds additional flavour to Imaqtpie’s savage tweet is that he poses a genuine argument for being better than Fabbbyyy – he’s more experienced and regularly crushes the Liquid ADC on stream:

It’s worrying that the Fabbbyyy argument reappears time and time again – perhaps he genuinely isn’t good enough to play with the LCS elite. The theory that his play style as a utility AD Carry better suits Liquid’s needs is failing to hold weight – the results speak for themselves. It may just take one more ruthless put down from one of League’s former professionals to put the nail in Fabbbyyy’s coffin and tilt him back to the Challenger scene for good.

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