WATCH: Imaqtpie Accused Of Fraud As Nightblue3 Attempts To Smear His Reputation

Typically, the day to day dramas created between full-time gaming streamers are of little significance to the wider eSports scene. Yet in the case of Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana vs Rabia “Nightblue3” Yazbek, the two largest League of Legends streamers on the Twitch platform, the feud between the two heavyweights has divided the entire community. In a significant development, Nightblue3 has accused Imaqtpie of fraudulently boosting his viewer numbers and subsequent revenue – a statement that will have significant consequences for at least one of the pair. 

It’s only fitting that 2017 should get underway with some juicy Twitch drama. The tension between the two streamers has been gradually rising over the past month, with Imaqtpie and a number of former NA LCS pros taunting Nightblue3’s teen-orientated, on-stream dialect.

Nightblue3, who has forged a career providing an informative Jungle stream for his fans, reached the end of his tether after learning of Imaqtpie’s derogatory comments regarding his rank in Diamond V. After making a bet with former Dignitas teammate Danny “Shiphtur” Le, Santana suggested that the Mid Laner’s winning record counted for nothing as Nightblue3 had been his opponent:

What subsequently unfolded was certainly an embarrassing episode. In a flurry of tweets, some of which were later deleted, Nightblue3 called out his rival streamer:

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

The endeared Streamer of the Year quickly responded:

Santana’s apology did little to eradicate the bad blood between the two streamers, who were unbelievably later placed onto the same team during matchmaking. Throughout the match, Nightblue3 continually threatened to make a video containing proof of Imaqtpie’s misdeeds, daring the AD Carry streamer to provoke him.

As the game started to spiral towards defeat, Yazbek’s actions turned spiteful as he denied buffs from QT before essentially feeding the enemy team towards the end of the ordeal. It was amidst the match that Nightblue3 accused Imaqtpie of being “greedy”, “shoving adverts in his viewers faces” and perhaps most poignantly:

“He wants to be funny in front of his viewbots. I mean viewers, I mean viewers. I’m sorry, did I say viewbots?

“Did I say that Qtpie got caught viewbotting twice by Twitch? Did I say that? I’m sorry, did I let that slip? My bad, dude.”

Rabia “Nightblue3” Yazbek

The implication from Yazbek’s remarks is that Imaqtpie is fraudulently boosting his viewing figures with ‘bots’, affecting his subsequent sponsorship opportunities and direct Twitch and advertising revenue.

Imaqtpie requested a one to one with Nightblue3 via an Instagram, though his sincerity throughout the process was once again questionable:

Please respond

A video posted by Michael Santana (@imaqtpielol) on

Nightblue3 quickly ended his vow of silence towards Imaqtpie and gave his two cents on the issue… not through a direct message to the former Dignitas man however, but a revenue earning Youtube video:

Yet rather than burying the hatchet, the apology video carried a distinct back-handed blow. Nightblue3 refused to back down from any of his previous comments, reiterating that everything he had said was entirely truthful. His indignant response certainly ruffled a few feathers within the community, with Imaqtpie kicking the dispute up a notch, seemingly threatening legal action for defamation:

The conflict between the pair is yet to be resolved, with both players surely hoping to avoid meeting one another on the rift again in the near future. Regardless of the outcome, Nightblue3 has already caused a magnitude of self-inflicted damage to his stream and online persona, with what many consider to be an over-exaggerated reaction to a harmless comment.

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