The Week After: How to Cure a Post-Masters Hangover

By Matt Cohen | Site Editor


It happens every year. We wait 365 days for the Masters Tournament, and then as soon as it arrives it’s in the rearview mirror. Gone. Goodbye. That’s the problem with big time sporting events. We get jazzed up for them and circle the dates on our calendars, that we get so bummed out when they’re actually over.

So are you feeling the post-Masters blues? You’re definitely not alone. Here’s how to cure what we call the post-Masters Hangover.

1. Don’t watch ESPN, The Golf Channel or any sports networks.

If you want to avoid any and all post Masters coverage or highlights, it’d be best to avoid any sports networks for a while, especially the Golf Channel. Substitutes include the news, a good movie, or Netflix.

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2. Go play a round of golf.

Just because the Masters is over doesn’t mean you can’t play golf. Get your favorite foursome together and go play 18. The weather is great and your local course should be prepped for the season. Have some fun and exercise – always a great cure for a hangover, whatever the type.

Wistia still from Titleist 915 Drivers - Radial Speed Face.mp4

3. Look ahead to the U.S. Open.

You don’t have to give up on the pros completely now, do you? The U.S. Open at Chambers Bay is about two months away, and there will be plenty of compelling storylines to watch. What better way to get over the Masters then by having another golf tournament to look forward to?

4. Focus on another sport for a short while.

It’s a busy time for other sports at the moment. Baseball just started. The NHL and NBA playoffs are about to begin. The Kentucky Derby is the first Saturday in May. Manny Pacquiao is fighting Floyd Mayweather the same day. Take a few weeks to focus on a sport other than golf.


5. Get outside and enjoy spring.

Have you been outside lately? Seriously, it’s gorgeous. Spring is finally here. So get outside and stop sitting in front of your TV 24/7 because the closest your getting to the Masters at this point is old How I Met Your Mother reruns with Jim Nantz cameos.

6. Avoid people named Jordan.

If you see someone named Jordan? Avoid them like the plague. Do whatever you have to do. Cross the street. Turn around and run. Put garlic around your neck. Interact with people named Jordan at your own peril.


7. Stay away from any restaurants that serve pimento cheese sandwiches and sweet tea.

You won’t cure a Masters hangover by seeing a pimento cheese sandwich on the menu at your favorite diner. Find a new place to eat for a while. Drink unsweetened tea for a while, as vile as that sounds.


8. Run away from people in green jackets.

See avoid people named Jordan, above.

Jordan Spieth of the U.S. smiles as he wears his Champion's green jacket on the putting green after winning the Masters golf tournament at the Augusta National Golf Course in Augusta

9. Boycott your neighbors that are planting Azaleas.

Roll up the windows when you drive by your annoying neighbor who has the audacity to plant azaleas in his/her garden. Don’t say hi when they say hi to you. Don’t wave back. Avoid them at all costs. How dare they? Next thing you know they’ll be mulching with pine straw.


10. Start counting down to next years Masters.

If you successfully complete steps 1-9, then you should be well enough to actually start looking forward to next years Masters. Go circle April 7th, 2016 on your calendar for next year. Happy waiting.


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