APX Xpecial Holds One Of The Most Remarkable Records In LCS History

Former Team SoloMid veteran and current Apex Gaming support Alex “Xpecial” Chu may well be a robot designed to crush Counter Logic Gaming dreams. With Xpecial at his decisive best, APX notched an impressive win over the spring split champions, only to see their chances of playoffs disappear as Team EnVyUs dispatched Echo Fox. Despite falling just short of the mark at the end of the split, one fact remains true for APX… they will never lose to CLG so long as Xpecial is on the roster. Xpecial does not lose to CLG.

Still holding on to one of the most remarkable records in LCS history, APX’s battle-hardened shotcaller is now 6-0 vs CLG in ‘best of X’ series – a record that spans the entire LCS era. Including best of 1’s, since Season 3, Xpecial score vs CLG stands at 23 victories with just 11 defeats. Xpecial is undoubtedly the ultimate counter to Counter Logic Gaming, the face of all their torment.

Source: Team Liquid
Source: Team Liquid

Xpecial has now beaten CLG as the support of 3 different teams with 4 different AD Carries under his wing: WildTurtle, Cop, Piglet and Apollo. Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black may well think he has the best ADC in the world by his side in Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes, but the bot lane duo seem helpless to prevent the CLG steamroller from flattening the hopes and dreams of their loyal fanbase.

Xpecial’s ‘best of X’ series victories over CLG read as follows:

S3 Summer Playoffs – 2-0 (TSM)

S4 Spring Playoffs – 2-1 (TSM)

S4 Summer Playoffs – 3-0 (Curse)

S5 Spring Playoffs – 3-0 (TL)

S6 Week 1 – 2-1 (Apex)

S6 Week 9 – 2-1 (Apex)

Hilariously, in theory, if TSM had kept Xpecial on as a sub and only used him for matches vs CLG, the Counter Logic Curse could have guaranteed SoloMid an additional two NA LCS Championships. Irrespective of Xpecial’s astonishing record vs CLG, it looks like ‘Biogod’ will ensure TSM dispatch their rivals in this season’s playoff finale.

Despite falling short of playoffs, the 2016 summer split may yet prove to be an invaluable learning experience for Xpecial his Apex teammates. Taking the skills they’ve developed this season, Apex will be hoping to mount a serious challenge towards the top of the standings in the spring. Long may the Counter Logic Curse continue.

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