15 Signs You’ve Been a Caddie

Is caddying the best summer job in the history of mankind? You better believe it. Here’s 19 signs you’ve been, or still are, a caddie (looper).

1. You consider 6:30 a.m on a Saturday sleeping in.


2. You have the worst tan lines in the world.

Hyundai Tournament of Champions - Final Round

3. You’ve asked a club member for an internship, job offer, or letter of recommendation.


4. Bagels are your best friend.


5. Your pockets are routinely lined with hundred dollar bills.


6. You freelance as a expert sports gambler and horse handicapper.

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7. Sucking up to old ladies is like a second language to you.


8. You’ve retired and un-retired from caddying more times than you can count.

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9. You know someone or have personally stolen golf balls straight from a members bag.


10. You’ve moonlighted as a designated driver for club members who get hammered on the weekends.


11. You could walk your course at night blindfolded with two hands tied behind your back.


12. Your old caddy-master is the weirdest guy you know. You have no idea what job he had before.

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13. When you see members away from the club they don’t recognize you, or screw up your name.


14. You’ve unsuccessfully hit on the beer cart girl, the halfway house girl, and several member’s wives.


15. You wish you were 21-years-old forever.


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