Callaway Golf Basic Tips with David Leadbetter

Callaway Golf’s David Leadbetter is one of the world’s leading golf instructors. Here, David gives you a few simple drills to work on that will drastically improve your game this season.

1. Position at the top is crucial.

If you want speed, you need to get the club loaded at the top correctly. Follow David’s drill to get the feel for the RIGHT positioning at the top of the swing.

2. How to hit a hybrid.

World-renowned golf instructor David Leadbetter has a few swing tips to hitting solid hybrid shots. The first thing to remember? They’re just like irons, so treat them that way.

3. Positioning for Fairway woods.

Where you position the ball in your stance when hitting fairway woods should depend on the lie. Let world-renowned golf instructor David Leadbetter explain it further…

4. Properly hitting down on the ball.

What are the keys to making crisp contact with your irons? Let David Leadbetter show you…

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