7 unbelievable moments in sports history

Since the first Olympics or the running of the first marathon, there have been unbelievable moments on the fields of sport. Nowhere else is the whole spectrum of human emotion presented so purely.  

And no roundup of the absurdities of our various games could ever be considered close to comprehensive. So, think of this rundown as more of a reminder of the inherent possibility of absurdity in situations where (mostly) highly paid, ultra-competitive men and women are waging war in entirely meaningless contests, which nevertheless mean so much to so many.

Cue the unthinkable from the worlds of balls and cleats.

People devote their lives to sport. Playing, watching, officiating. Some may dismiss sports as “just a game,” but to many of us, they are are so much more; a link between families, communities, and cultures, and a place where anything can happen.

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