Eight-year-old kid trains like an NFL superstar

For some eight-year-old children, days are spent on playgrounds, sitting in front of the TV playing video games, and pretending to be one of the characters from the latest Avengers movie. But for Jaylen Huff, there is no time to play with action figures when there is an NFL career to train for.

Residing near Atlanta, Georgia, Huff may be one of the most in-shape eight-year-olds in the nation. Not sure how much competition he has for that title, but the kid definitely puts on a show in a recent video showcasing his adolescent athleticism.

The very first sequence in the video should remind everyone watching just how young Huff actually is. He is shown pushing a miniature Cadillac Escalade (think of a Barbie Jeep) in full football pads as if he is saving a young family of rabbits from underneath the vehicle.

Next Huff is shown lifting a giant tire over and over again. The tire likely weighs at least half as much as he does, but the eight-year-old shows off his abnormal strength and completes the drill like he is the second coming of J.J. Watt.

The rest of the video features various drills that showcase the strength, quickness, and agility of Huff that make him look like an entirely different species. The average kid his age would much rather spend his or her time binging on Sour Patch Kids.

It is clear that he is more athletic than the average kids his age, but being athletic does not exactly equal success once the pads are put on. Just ask Tim Tebow.

But a similar video was published recently of Huff running past his competition during some actual games. So maybe all of that training is paying off?

Now this is not the only young “phenom” with a highlight video out there for millions to see. Another youngster by the name of Champ Brown has an impressive bunch of clips out there that show him performing on the field during some game-action (and dominating).

Not only does Brown have the breakaway speed of a young Adrian Peterson, but on defense he also shows the ability to chase down opposing players like he is doing his best Ray Lewis impression.

These kids still have a whole life in front of them and a lot can happen between now and then to derail their dreams (or their parents’ dreams) of making it all the way to the professional level. Perhaps, athletes that train at such a young age like these two kids will lead to the NFL eventually allowing players to enter the draft straight out of high school.

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