12 Golf Fitness Tips To Make You Rip It Further

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From weight training, to cross-fit and everything else in between, there’s a lot more to golf than just showing up to the course and letting it rip. Golf fitness tips are key. You need to be vigilant in how you warm-up and stretch your muscles. You also need to exercise properly in between rounds.

Here’s 12 exercise, fitness and stretching routines+tips that will give you more power, fewer injuries and a better score.

1. Mitchell Spearman: Warming Up

Top golf coach Mitchell Spearman is joined by fitness guru Joanna Dove who explains the importance of warming up.

2. SCGA Swing Tips: Getting Loose Quick

If you’re late to the golf course, here’s a few quick tips to get you warmed up fast.

3. SCGA: Hip Flexibility

Your power and torque comes from your hips. Here’s how to properly get your hips turning properly so that you can start crushing.

4. Adding Flexibility and Balance

Another SCGA fitness tip shows how to properly add flexibility and balance to your swing.

5. Neck Nods Loosen the Back

From fitness instructor Brendan Ahearn: by nodding the neck and looking over your right and left shoulders, you will loosen your upper back muscles.

6. Peter Finch Golf Stretching

Here is a golf fitness video on stretching to help you with your game and me with my quest for the350 yard drive! The video includes different stretches which you can try and use to become for flexible and hit better shots.


Fitness Tips From the Pros

1. Bubba Watson on Adding Power

Looking to put a little extra power behind that next tee shot? Well, we checked in with Pro V1x loyalist Bubba Watson for a little advice on how you can bring some “Bubba Golf” to your game.

2. Rory McIlroy Getting Yolked

Here are 5 exercises that help Rory golf – hopefully they can help you too: Bench press, Inside Grip Pull-Ups, Wide Grip Pull-Ups, Hanging Leg Raises, Swiss Ball Pikes. Done correctly they are great for strength and stability.

3. Tiger Woods on Gameday Routine

Tiger Woods talks his approach to game day.

4. Miguel Angel Jimenez Stretching Routine

The most interesting man in the world offers his unique stretching routine that will have you feeling looser than ever before for your next round.

5. Natalie Gulbis Workout Routine

LPGA star Natalie Gulbis gives some insight into how she likes to stay in shape.

6. Morgan Hoffman in the Gym

Morgan Hoffmann sticks to an intense workout regimen four days a week, exchanging golf clubs for weights.

BONUS: Ben Crane Being…Ben Crane

Ben’s thoughts on working out.

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