Could Splitting With Lindsey Vonn Help Tiger Woods’ Game?

By Matt Cohen | Social Media & Site Editor

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On Sunday, Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn announced in separate releases that the couple of three years had mutually parted ways. Citing their “hectic lives,” Woods made the announcement on his website, shortly after Vonn made the break-up public on her Facebook page.

Although splitting up is hard on anyone, could the bachelor version of Tiger Woods actually be a blessing in disguise?

Here’s 10 reasons why being single (again) will help Tiger Woods’ golf game:


1. He won’t get his teeth knocked out.

Back in January, Tiger traveled all the way to Italy to be on hand for Vonn’s record 63rd World Cup win. During the hustle and bustle after Vonn’s victory, Tiger got smacked square in the mouth by a cameraman, and had his front tooth chipped. The photo almost became as big a sensation as Vonn’s performance.


2. Tiger’s been through worse breakups.

No reason to open up old wounds, but let’s be honest. Tiger has been through a lot worse breakups than this. Smart money is on him getting over this split much quicker than the last one.


3. Tiger is playing lots of golf this summer.

In recent years, it seems Tiger’s playing schedule is more closely guarded than the nuclear launch codes. Not the case this year. Tiger will be playing in this week’s Player’s Championship as well as five additional events throughout the summer. Woods took to Twitter last week to announce his schedule. Clearly, Woods is healthy and focused on winning some tournaments.

4. No more cold weather.

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When you date the best Olympic skier in the world, you have to travel to really cold places to watch her compete. So for Tiger, who was born and raised in California, attended Stanford University, and now resides in Florida – no more snow. Ever.

5. Less travel

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Sure there’s no more cold weather in Tiger’s immediate future, but there’s also less travel, period. The main reason for the split according to both Woods and Vonn is the hectic schedule and travel demands of two world class athletes. Now Tiger’s schedule won’t be as demanding, and he can limit his travel to strictly golf tournaments.

6. Tiger’s always had a single-minded focus on success.

For the short-term at least, Tiger can get back to focusing on what he’s been chasing for years – Jack’s record of 18 majors. Was Vonn a distraction? Probably not. But without a relationship, Tiger can turn all of his attention to his game.

7. Less time in the gossip column.

Credit to Tiger and Lindsey for keeping their relationship as private as can be expected in the social media age. Still, there were the occasional appearances in the gossip magazines. In the short-term, there will be a lot of ink about the breakup. But eventually things will die down, and Woods can stay off Page 6.


8. More chill time.

When Tiger does have time off, now he’s free to do whatever he pleases. Obviously spending time with his kids is number one, but now Tiger can go fishing, travel and attend as many sporting events as he pleases.


9. Lindsey hated golf.

Hate is too strong a word. Disliked is probably better. In an appearance just last month on the Late Show with Seth Meyers, Vonn jokingly discussed how she wasn’t exactly the biggest golf fan when her and Tiger first started dating.

10. Tiger – world’s most eligible bachelor?

Let’s be honest – there will be no shortage of women lining up to date Tiger Woods. If and when Tiger decides to pursue another relationship, he can pretty much choose whomever he wishes. That’s sure to put his mind at ease, at least a little bit. Smile Tiger, it’s going to be ok.


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