2015 Ultimate Product Reviews: Srixon Z545 & Z745 Drivers

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As we approach May, and as we get ready for The Players and U.S. Open, the golf season is definitely in full swing. Learning about all the new 2015 products out there is one of my favorite ways to prepare for another year on the course. I hope you’ve been enjoying this ongoing series where I compile all the best product reviews and put them into one place to make it easy for everyone to find. I hope it’s helped you find the perfect club(s) that suits your game! – Matt

Club Name: Z545 and Z745 Driver
Brand: Srixon
Category: Game-Improvement Driver and Better Player Driver
Price Point: $399
Specs: 9.5° (adjusts 8.5° to 10.5°) and 10.5° (adjusts 9.5° to 11.5°).

Stock length is 45 inches and standard swing weight is D5. The stock shaft is Mitsubishi Rayon’s Kuro Kage Black HBP 60, but Mitsubishi’s Kuro Kage Black HPB 50, Kuro Kage Silver TiNi 60, Kuro Kage Silver TiNi 70 and Fubuki Z 60 are also available at no extra charge.

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Srixon’s new Z745 and Z545 drivers aim to provide players with two decidedly different options, both of which offer plenty of loft/lie settings to dial in desired ball flight.

  • The smaller Z745 driver (430cc) is aimed at better players looking for a low-spin head and increased workability.
  •  The larger Z545 driver (460cc) targets golfers looking for a higher trajectory, as well as more forgiveness.


  • Dual Speed Technology – Dual Speed Technology maximizes a player’s rotation efficiency while also delivering more kinetic energy at impact. The end result: more head speed, more ball speed, more distance.
  • Quick Tune System – Fast, simple Quick Tune System allows everyone to easily adjust the loft, lie, face angle, and center of gravity settings. Use the 12-way hosel to tune face angle and lie along with loft. The adjustable weight port comes standard with a 7-gram weight, and 3- and 11-gram weights are also available to precisely tune center of gravity for optimal launch and spin.
  • Titanium Cup Face – Ball speeds have been maximized with advanced face construction A 6-4 TI cup face in the Z545 driver enlarges the sweet spot.
  • Variable Face Thickness – The face designs create faster, more resilient impact surfaces with added forgiveness thanks to enhanced variable face thickness. Thinner heel and toe portions have created larger sweet spots in all Srixon Z Series woods, up to 35% larger than the previous generation.


Special Notes

From Srixon: With a sleek, aggressive design, the Srixon Z545 driver is for all ability players that demand maximum distance and mid-high launch in a larger, more forgiving shape.

Purchase your Srixon Z545 Driver by visiting the Srixon website.

The compact 430cc Srixon Z745 Driver is for skilled tour players who like to work the ball with maximum distance and penetrating launch.

Purchase your Srixon Z745 Driver by visiting the Srixon website.


1. Golf Digest: Silver Rating. There are two ways you can produce more distance: Make the face more flexible, and make the golfer swing the club faster. These Srixon drivers accomplish the first by using a cupface that wraps around the perimeter. But it’s the second part that’s more interesting. Both the standard Z545 and smaller Z745 are designed with a higher-balance-point shaft and a slightly heavier head. The shaft with a higher balance point is intended to make it easier to swing the club faster, and more mass in the head delivers more energy to the ball.

2. Golf Magazine: Love It. (Z545) DISTANCE: A top-tier performer in this category; produces long line drives that you have to love; absolutely bruising power for several testers, but not at the expense of accuracy. FEEL: Rewards well-struck shots—a crisp popping sound off the face combines with a comfortable feel; subtle vibration on mis-hits provides just the right amount of feedback. CONS: Some testers don’t get enough mileage on misses; it’s probably best in the hands of a player closer to the Game-Improvement category.

Srixon Z745 Review: http://www.golf.com/equipment/srixon-z-745-driver-review-clubtest-2015

3.Golf WRX: Like It. Srixon’s Z-Series drivers are a tangible step in the right direction for a company with a solid reputation for putting out high-quality products. With its foray into the U.S. market, Srixon has produced a pair of drivers that will fit a wide variety of players and handicap ranges — and are quite stunning to look at, too.

4.Rick Shiels: Like it.

5.Bunker’s Paradise: 4.5 Out Of 5. If you’re having trouble off the tee in terms of accuracy, the Srixon Z545 was made for you. Its forgiveness really stood out. Plus it’s just a fun club to hit given how easy it is to swing. I think the Srixon Z545 is definitely a driver that should be tried if you’re looking for an upgrade in 2015.

6. Golf Magic: 4.5 Out Of 5. The best Srixon driver I’ve had the pleasure of testing. One of the most forgiving on the market right now, so it will be interesting to see how it fares when all the brands send us in their latest big dogs for our upcoming 2015 Drivers Test. From a first look perspective, however, this has a bit of everything with strong looks (aside from no alignment aid), superb distance, a terrific combination of sound and feel characteristics and most importantly, forgiveness to help the golfer find more fairways.

7. Hacker’s Paradise: Like It. Designed to be a driver for all abilities, the Z 545 seems to live up well to its label. It’s more than forgiving enough for the large majority of swings and stays far away from extremes when it comes to launch conditions. Though average is a word that golf marketing departments very much want to stay away from, the reality is that average works for a great number of people. In that sense, the 545 should perform admirably for a number of different players, and with top-tier aesthetics it should find its fair share of adoration.

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