10 PGA Tour Fights That Need to Happen Right Away

By Matt Cohen | Social Media & Site Editor


Let’s be honest. The Keegan Bradley and Miguel Angel Jimenez verbal spat at the WGC-Cadillac Match Play had more action than the Floyd Mayweather Manny Pacquiao so-called “fight of the century.”

So it got us thinking. Are there any PGA Tour fights we’d actually like to see happen between professional golfers? Um, yes.

So without further ado, here’s ten fight’s we’d like to see on the PGA Tour. And before you read on let’s be clear – this is just for fun; so don’t take these so literally.

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10 Fight’s We’d Like to See on the PGA Tour

1. Tiger Woods vs. Sergio Garcia

One of our favorite rivalries on tour is Tiger Woods vs. Sergio Garcia. These two started butting heads way back in 2000, after ‘El Nino’ beat Woods in an 18-hole, made-for-TV match known as the Battle at Bighorn. The two most recently were paired together on Masters Saturday, which elicited the below tweet from Garcia, who had some fun with the pairing.

Winner: Tiger Woods

2. Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson

Golf’s best rivalry this millennium is without question Tiger and Phil Mickelson. There’s never really been any bad blood per se, these just happen to be the two best golfers of their generation. They aren’t enemies, but they’re likely to never be close. Five years ago, Tiger would have wiped the floor with Phil. But now, Tiger is seemingly always nicked up, making us reverse course.

Winner: Phil Mickelson


3. Adam Scott vs. Jason Day

These two by all accounts are pals, but we’d still like to see these two go at it if for no other reason than they’re the two best Australian golfers on the planet. Scott is so good looking he’d probably elicit the Anchorman fight rules – no touching of the hair or face. Day is scrappy.

Winner: Jason Day

Jason Day, Adam Scott

4. Rory Sabbatini vs. Everyone

This guy seems to disagree with everyone, and probably doesn’t have too many friends on tour. Poor Rory. Sadly, this would definitely be a handicap match, and with no one coming to his aid, we’re going with everyone in a lopsided decision.

Winner: Everyone

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5. Battle Royal: PGA Caddies vs. PGA Tour

Our first battle royal turned street fight.

Back in February, a group of 82 professional tour caddies filed a class-action lawsuit against the PGA Tour demanding compensation for wearing bibs during competition. The total damages the caddies are seeking could be in the range of “hundreds of millions of dollars.” Read more on the lawsuit here.

Winner: PGA Caddies


6. Bubba Watson vs. Ian Poulter

During Masters week, an anonymous player’s poll revealed that Bubba Watson is the player most likely to not receive help in a hypothetical parking lot fight. Yikes. So why the pairing vs. Ian Poulter?

Well, Poulter himself isn’t the most liked guy on the tour. Most recently, he was voted in another anonymous poll as the most overrated golfer on tour. So what happens when you pit the most disliked golfer with the most overrated golfer? Pure magic.

Winner: Draw

7. Dustin Johnson vs. Rickie Fowler

Two of the best American golfers. Two very good looking guys. Both with gorgeous girlfriends/fiances. So why the matchup between these two super popular players? Easy. Johnson is 6’4 and Fowler 5’9 on a good day. Call it our David vs. Goliath matchup of the list.

Winner: Dustin Johnson


8. Rory McIlroy vs. Lee Westwood

These two Europeans have a well documented rivalry. They don’t like each other, and that’s just fine with us. Both are well built and strong guys – Rory has turned into a lean, mean fighting machine in recent years. There’s a lot of built up tension between these two because they used to actually be friends. This fight might end up the best of them all.


Winner: Rory Mcilroy

9. John Daly vs. Tim Finchem

The most cussing, the most low blows, the most blood, might be the epic slugfest that would be John Daly vs. Tim Finchem. If you recall, Daly went off in an epic rant earlier this year on the so-called randomness of the PGA Tour’s drug testing policy. He specifically called out PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem and swore at him several times. It was easily the rant of the year.

Daly might be out of shape, but his tenacity and do whatever it takes mindset would be enough to carry the day here.

Winner: John Daly

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10. Charl Schwartzel vs. Louis Oosthuizen

These two are both South African, both short, both have one major championship and we can’t spell either name correctly. Seriously, we can’t tell these two apart, which is why they just have to drop their gloves and go head-to-head. Oosthuizen is two years older, but that probably means little. These guys are so similar they’d probably be able to predict each other’s moves ahead of time.

Winner: Schwartzel, or Oosthuizen. Wait, who won?


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