Fore! Why Some People Just Aren’t Born To Play Golf

By Matt Cohen | Social Media & Site Editor


It’s been said by many that Ben Hogan, the winner of 9 major championships, had the best golf swing in the history of the game.

The same can’t be said for many, many players who’ve picked up this silly game. Let’s face it. Not everyone was born to play golf.

If you’re looking for some cheap laughs, we’ve got ’em for you. We went on YouTube and found the worst golf swings imaginable. At the very least, you’ll crack a smile and you’ll probably feel a bit better about your golf swing as well.

1. Charles Barkley is just the worst.

2. Guy almost kills himself with his swing.

3. Next time take a drop.

4. Help! This guy needs lessons.

5. Epic mountain fail.

6. What the?

7. The classic falls into the water shot.

8. “I was laying up.”

9. The club went further than the ball!

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