2015 Ultimate Product Reviews: Cleveland CG Black Irons & CG Black CB

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Now that we’re in May, and as we get into The Players and U.S. Open, the golf season is definitely in full swing. Learning about all the new 2015 products out there is one of my favorite ways to prepare for another year on the course. I hope you’ve been enjoying this ongoing series where I compile all the best product reviews and put them into one place to make it easy for everyone to find. I hope it’s helped you find the perfect club(s) that suits your game! – Matt

Club Name: CG Black/CG Black CB Irons
Brand: Cleveland
Category: Game Improvement/Better-Player Irons
Price Point: $700 Steel; $800 Graphite

CG Black
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CG Black CB
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The Cleveland CG Black irons are game-improvement irons aimed at golfers who swing less than 90 mph with the driver and are looking for higher launch and more carry. They’re designed with lower, more rearward CG (center of gravity) for golfers that need maximum speed and forgiveness.

Cleveland’s CG Black CB irons, which replace the company’s 588 MT irons, are designed for golfers who swing between 85-to-105 mph and want more workability than the CG Black irons can provide.

Special Notes

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Learn more about the Cleveland GG Black irons by visiting the Cleveland Golf website.

Learn more about the Cleveland GB Black CB irons by visiting the Cleveland Golf website.


1. Golf Digest: Gold Rating. Cleveland makes quality clubs for all kinds of players, and this iron is a terrific example. The 4- through 7-iron have a high-strength steel face for more ball speed, and the center of gravity is toward the heel to help close the face — what a player in this category needs.

2. Golf Magazine: Like It. PLAYABILITY: Best for hitting draws, although stronger players even find them adequate for shaping shots both ways; a high-flyer that gets the ball up in the air from just about any lie; if you like hitting the ball high and straight, these sticks get it done. FEEL: Nice, lively response at impact; balance is good for a lightweight iron—easy to swing, yet testers know where the club is throughout the motion. CONS: Forgiveness on mis-hits isn’t as good as some testers might have hoped; difficult to tell good shots from bad at times; the black finish wears quickly.

3. Golf WRX: Like It. The CG irons use a progressive design, with a hollow hybrid chassis in the 4 and 5 irons for a higher launch and a thinner face on the 6 and 7 irons to drop CG and raise launch angles. Cleveland says the CG Black CB irons are even longer and more forgiving. They use high-strength HT 1770 steel faces in the long and mid irons to create a wider and hotter COR (coefficient of restitution) area.

4. PGA.com: Like It.

5. Golf A Lot: Like it. With a swing weight of D0 the standard CG Black irons are ideal for Senior and Women golfers looking for help in getting extra carry. The hollow construction of the four and five irons couple with a centre of gravity that is lower and further back to make it much easier to launch the ball higher.

6. Plugged In Golf: Like It. The CG Black CB irons were developed for players who prefer to work the ball toward the flag stick, but still want plenty of forgiveness. The CG Black CB’s long and mid irons also utilize a high strength HT 1770 steel face material for improved COR which leads to increased consistency, forgiveness and distance off the club face.

7. Golf Magic: Like It. CG Black irons feature a thin, high-strength steel face that creates a larger area of maximum ball speed and allows for more perimeter weighting aiding greater accuracy and consistency. The new CG Black Cavity Back irons are designed with the better amateur golfer in mind. Players with swing speeds between 85 mph and 105 mph and those who prefer to work the ball towards the flag but still want plenty of forgiveness will likely gravitate towards these irons.

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