Ted Bishop Goes After Ian Poulter…Again

By Matt Cohen | Social Media & Site Editor

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Like a gambler who doesn’t know when to walk away, former PGA of America President Ted Bishop just can’t resist taking shots at Ian Poulter.

It all started last week. Golf.com released an anonymous poll, and PGA Tour pros voted Rickie Fowler and Ian Poulter as the most overrated players in golf. Both received 24% of the vote.

All Rickie Fowler did in response to the criticism was brush it off the best way possible, by winning the 2015 PLAYERS Championship on Sunday.

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But a simple congratulations wouldn’t do for Mr. Bishop. Rather, he used Fowler’s win to take a shot at the ‘other’ overrated golfer in the poll, his arch nemesis, Ian Poulter.

An active social media user and never one to back down from anyone, Poulter fired right back with a tweet of his own.

After taking an insane amount of heat on Twitter for his remarks, Bishop backed off – slightly. He hid behind a veil of sarcasm to take some of the pressure off himself.

Clearly, Poulter wasn’t buying it, judging by his response below:

In case you’re unaware of the history between these two, let’s backtrack even further. Bishop, who served as the 38th President of the PGA Tour of America, was fired last October.

Here’s what happened. In his recently published autobiography, “No Limits,” Poulter had some critical things to say towards fellow countryman Nick Faldo. Then one night before meeting Faldo for dinner, Bishop attacked Poulter, tweeting: “Faldo’s record stands by itself. Six majors and all-time RC points. Yours vs. His? Lil Girl.” He also criticized Poulter on Facebook, writing, “Sounds like a little school girl squealing during recess. C’MON MAN!”

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The reaction was swift and loud. Bishop tried to get out in front of the controversy he had created, but it wasn’t long before he was issued his walking papers. Derek Sprague was elected as the PGA’s 39th President on November 22nd.

Ian Poulter

What’s Your Take?

So who’s right and who’s wrong? Is this much ado about nothing, or should Bishop just pipe down already about Poulter, considering it’s why he got fired in the first place?

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Leave us a comment below, hit us up on social media, or upload a video with what you would say to either Ian Poulter or Ted Bishop if you had the chance.

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