Alexis Randock: Who Is She And Why Should I Care?


WARNING. The following page contains graphic images not suitable for young children and old men. No, but really.

Alexis Randock Is The Girlfriend Of Rickie Fowler

Alexis met Rickie through some mutual friends. After a few dates they realized they had a “strong connection”, an ambiguous term in dating that has become synonymous amongst hopeless romantics.

“We’ve only been dating nine months. We met through a mutual friend. It’s been great. I mean, we get along so well,” Randock said. “We’re like best friends. I couldn’t ask for a better relationship or a better boyfriend.”

Alexis Randock Is A Swimsuit Model

Pictures speak louder than words here.




Alexis Randock & Rickie Fowler Are Golf’s New Power Couple

Ever since Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn announced their breakup, golf has been scrambling to find its next power couple. After Rickie lifted the Players Championship title on Sunday, it is safe to assume he and Randock will assume the title of golf’s power couple. Think Jay-Z and Beyonce. Barack and Michelle. Brangelina. Hilly and Billy. Golf is blessed with Rickie and Randock.

Alexis Randock Is A Native Of The Grand Canyon State

Alexis Hunter Randock was born in Phoenix, Arizona. She was born one of two sisters to parents Lynda Young and Craig Randock.

Alexis Randock Attended ASU… That’s Arizona State University For Anyone Outside The US

Alexis Randock studied communications at Arizona State University and began modelling when she was featured as a bikini model in the Tempe 12, an annual calendar on the ASU campus.

Alexis Randock Posts A Lot Of Selfies On Instagram

If you like any of the images used on this page, it’s fair to say you should probably follow her on Instagram. Alexis often posts selfies on various beaches and other sunny locations. Rickie sometimes makes a cameo in the photos, although generally the best ones are when she is alone.

Alexis Randock Can Caddy… Sort Of

Alexis Randock was Rickie’s caddie at the Par 3 competition during this year’s Masters Tournament. If her modelling career goes up in flames, Rickie is more than likely to have a new job waiting for her.



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