Expect John Daly 30 for 30 Documentary to be Insanely Epic

By Matt Cohen | Site Editor


Oh heck yeah.

Straight out of the “It’s About Damn Time Department” comes the news that John Daly is going to be the first golfer ever to be featured in ESPN’s “30 for 30” documentary series.

The worldwide leader made the announcement on Tuesday during the ESPN Upfronts. As of now, there is no release date, but expect the film to be released sometime later this year or possibly early in 2016.

The two-time major winner has led an absolutely insane life, and we expect the John Daly 30 for 30 to chronicle all the ups and downs of his wild career. At the moment, Daly is involved in some crazy love triangle/lawsuit, involving his most recent ex-wife Sherrie Miller and current fiance/caddie Anna Cladakis. You can read more on that bizarre story at The Washington Post.

Daly has already been married four times.

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Golf hasn’t gotten a lot of play in ESPN’s “30 for 30” documentary series. Of the 70-plus movies created, just one hits golf: “June 17th, 1994,” which alludes to Arnold Palmer’s final U.S. Open at Oakmont wrapping up on the same day as the O.J. Simpson police chase, as well the World Cup and NBA Finals.

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