Callaway Golf Takes Bold First Step With Debut of “Callaway Live”


Callaway Golf jumped into live broadcasting last night with the pilot episode of Callaway Live, hosted by the company’s Marketing SVP, Harry Arnett.

The series, a 25-minute talk show shot in front of a studio audience at Callaway’s Carlsbad, Calif., headquarters, was streamed live on the company website. The show features celebrities, athletes and tour players who share a passion for golf. Their choice for first featured guest was none other than legendary sportscaster Dick Enberg.

“Callaway Live is about unscripted and lively conversations with people connected to the game,” says Arnett. “We’re able to give our audience access in a modern format to suit their viewing behavior.”

The show will run for 18 weeks, and confirmed guests include former Ford CEO Alan Mulally and Jon Leiberman, News Correspondent for the Howard Stern Show. We hope they sprinkle in a few younger and bigger names to the line up. Callaway Live will air every Monday at 9PM EST/6 PM PST. You can check out Ep. 1 and stay up-to-date on the entire series by visiting

Our Take

It’s too early to give it the thumbs up or down but so far an applause is in order for the unique format and attempt. Future episodes could do without the commercial interruptions… I mean we are already on the Callaway site, do we have to sit through an ad there too?!

The highlight of the show for us was hearing Enberg, one of the greatest broadcasters of all-time, recreate some of Phil Mickelson’s (not really Phil) signature Masters moments.

We’re unclear as to exactly the target audience Callaway is going for with its new show. The format of the show itself screams younger, at least to us, which makes it surprising that Enberg, 80, was the first featured guest. Don’t get us wrong – Enberg is the G.O.A.T – and his insight and perspective of a life spent behind the booth was great to hear. With that said, we’re not sure how much younger golfers are able to relate to Enberg, who started his career during the Kennedy administration.

We’re pretty pumped about next week’s episode. Arnett announced they’d be live at Topgolf Dallas, which should create some much needed audience interaction. Episode 1’s studio audience was lively, but there was no Q&A or any real participation.

Did you already catch the first episode of Callaway Live? If so, what did you think of the show? Leave us a comment below or hit us up on social media.

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