Patrick Reed Skipping European Tour Spots After Death in Family

By Matt Cohen | Social Media & Site Editor


On Tuesday, we voiced concerns over why some were raising eyebrows and questioning Patrick Reed’s withdrawal from the European Tour’s BMW PGA Championship along with the Irish Open the following week.

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Now, according to Golf Channel insider Tim Rosaforte, Reed was being 100% truthful when he said it was because of family reasons.

In a text message to Rosaforte, Reed explained: “We have a family member who has been battling cancer and is now in hospice, and they say only has a few days if that left. So we don’t feel comfortable leaving the country at this time, and wanted to be able to go down and see him before he passes to say our goodbyes.”

Rosaforte reported that Greg Harness, Justine Reed’s cousin, died Tuesday night.

Reed, a Texas native, will play the Ft. Worth event because, “Greg would have wanted him to play,” Rosaforte stated.Patrick Reed tweeted this Tuesday evening:

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