Two Fans at Wells Fargo Stole Golf Cart to Drive to Local Bar

Admit it – we’ve all dreamt about stealing a golf cart. Few people though have the stones to actually pull it off.

After Rory McIlroy had finished destroying the field at the 2015 Wells Fargo Championship, two guys decided the party was just getting started. According to the website Total Frat Move, two local fans stole a Quail Hollow golf cart, drove it five miles north to Selwyn Pub, parked it on the bar’s front patio, and ordered two shots before abandoning the cart and leaving the bar undetected.

The two outlaws parked the cart on pub property, ordered two shots, then left without the cart. Apparently, someone from Quail Hollow Country Club showed up the next morning, apologized, and loaded the cart up on a trailer (instead of driving it back).

We’re not sure what the most remarkable part of this story is. That the two guys stole the golf cart unnoticed, that they managed to drive five miles without getting pulled over, or that they were able to make it to their final destination while hammered.

The two bandits are still at large and coming to a country club near you…

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