Tiger Woods: An Evolution Of His Balding Hairline


Written by Richard Meyer | Contributing Writer

Tiger Woods is a balding man. Critics and golf fans alike have been commenting on his hairline for several years, but the latest photographs captured in Las Vegas suggest the former world number 1 has Stage 3 baldness; a term I recently coined for moderately-severe balding people.


1996. No sign of baldness.


2000. Receding hairline begins as success starts to take its toll on Tiger. Stage 1 baldness for sure.


2002: Tiger’s hair begins to thin after more Major success.


2004. Creepy blonde highlights appear. Hairline continues to recede as Tiger enters Stage 2 baldness.


2006. Emotional Open Championship win shows gentle hair recession, nothing too exciting to report on.


2009. Thinning hair fluffs up to expose an ageing Tiger Woods. Not his finest look.


2010. Tiger’s world falls apart with epic sex scandal. Hairline recedes by approximately 1 inch – the most yet in a single 12 months. Hello Stage 3.


2012. Tiger plays in the Ryder Cup. No apparent sign of further balding.


2014. Like his world ranking, Tiger’s hairline in serious trouble.


2015. OMG.


Year unknown. Tiger Woods loses the plot, looks like a crazed and confused man.

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