Golf Tips to Win Your Memorial Day Weekend Matches


Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. If you’re a golfer, odds are you’re planning on playing a little bit of golf over the next few days. Don’t worry if you’re not in mid-season form; you’ll get there.

Here’s some easy to learn golf tips to help you win your first big matches of the season. Have some fun and enjoy the beautiful weather!

1. How to Become Athletic in the Golf Swing

To hit the ball longer and straighter, you need to be athletic at all points in the swing. Here’s a great tip to become athletic in the golf swing and improve your game.

2. Death Move With the Driver

Don’t ever make the death move with the driver and come over the top of the ball. This is a great drill to keep your swing on plane.

3. How to Get the Ball Out of a Fairway Bunker

Golf coach Andrew Farrell dispels the myth that you should hit it clean from a fairway bunker shot.

4. How to Hit a no Risk Flop Shot

The flop shot doesn’t need to be difficult like most coaches tell you. With this simple tip, you can hit flop shots every time and not have to worry about thinning it over the green.

5. Putting Drill to Slice your Handicap in Half

If you do this putting drill explained by Bernd Wiesberger, you might see your handicap sliced in half by the end of the year. Pay close attention!

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