New Kicks? Rory McIlroy to Wear Kid Designed Shoes at Irish Open


Rory McIlroy is going to have some very special kicks this week at Royal County Down.

The Rory Foundation teamed up with Nike and the Cancer Fund for Children in Northern Ireland for a shoe design contest. During each round this week at the Irish Open, McIlroy will lace up a different pair of strikingly unique Nike Lunar Control 3 golf shoes that were designed by a child whose life has been impacted by cancer. The contest was held to raise both funds and awareness for childhood cancer.

The four colorways that were selected were created by kids on NIKEiD during a weekend at the organization’s log cabin in Newcastle.

“I’m delighted that the young people associated with the Cancer Fund for Children got to design my shoes. The shoes are really unique with some crazy designs. The Irish Open is going to be a very special event for golf and my Foundation and I am excited to compete in them this week.” – Rory McIlroy

Check out the incredible designs below. For more information on the contest, the four kids and McIlroy’s partnership with the Cancer Fund for Children, visit the Nike Golf website.

Round 1

Designer: 12-year-old Sara Lockhart.

“I read online that Rory really likes different shades of green so I combined that with some of my favorite colors. I really love art and am so happy my design was chosen.” – Sara


Round 2

Designer: 16-year-old Ryan Keenan

I chose the colors because it is for the Irish Open and they are colors associated with Ireland. It will be amazing and really exciting to see Rory wearing shoes I have designed.” – Ryan


Round 3

Designer: 15-year-old Chloe Hyndman

“My design is a combination of what I would wear and what I thought Rory would like. I picked black and white to make them look professional, but then added a print to keep them fun and recent. I also added blue to make them more colorful, and to ensure that all eyes will be on Rory on the course!” – Chloe

“I was 11 when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. It was a really difficult time and I really didn’t understand what was going on. Spending time away with the Cancer Fund for Children has made me realize I am not alone and that I will be alright in the end.” – Chloe


Round 4

Designer: 13-year-old Alex Kernaghan

“It says ‘Be You’ on my Nike shoes because that’s all you ever should be – yourself. I also added in a bit of blue as it’s my dad’s favorite color and yellow to represent the charity.” – Alex


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