2015 Ultimate Product Reviews: Mizuno MP-15 Irons

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Can you believe June is already here? Seriously, where does the time go? The U.S. Open is right around the corner, and that’s hard to believe. I’ve been learning about a ton of new products for 2015, and one of the most diverse categories is the iron category. If you’re still in the market for a new set of sticks, then boy oh boy do you have plenty of options to choose from. I hope you’ve been enjoying this ongoing series where I compile the best product reviews and put them into one place to make it easy for everyone to find! – Matt

Club Name: Mizuno MP-15 Irons
Brand: Mizuno
Category: Better Player Irons
Price Point: $1,000 Steel; $1,100 Graphite
Specs: 3–PW with True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft

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At address the MP-15 appears every inch the classic Mizuno MP iron – compact with clean lines, designed to enhance both feel and workability. Forged directly inside the 1025E steel framework is a re-engineered Titanium Muscle insert, which maintains thickness behind impact for solid feel, while allowing weight to be shifted to the perimeter to provide “full cavity” forgiveness.

Tech Specs:
– Ti Muscle: Delivers increased forgiveness with solid feel.
– Grain Flow Forged 1025E “Pure Select” mild carbon steel and pure titanium combine to provide the ultimate soft, solid and consistent feel.
– Tour Proven Sole and Compact Head: Deliver consistent turf interaction for enhanced control and workability.

“The MP-15 blends the best elements of two great tour irons – the MP-59 and MP-64. A really compact player’s iron, but with stability from off center strikes to provide the player forgiveness when they need it.” – Tetsuya Kanayama; Senior R&D Team Member

“There’s a difference between looking cool and being cool,” Couch said. “Although we spent a lot of time on cosmetics, we made a multi-material club head that maximized its discretionary weight…These irons are cool.” – Chuck Couch, Vice President of product development at Mizuno

Special Notes


Purchase your set of the MP-15 irons by visiting the Mizuno Golf website.


1. Golf Digest: Gold Rating. The MP-15 is a true players iron, with traditional lofts and slightly shorter shaft lengths — both of which translate to better consistency. The titanium cavity insert used in the MP-59 has been modified here, allowing Mizuno to redistribute more weight to the perimeter. The result is an expanded sweet spot with better feel.

2. Golf Magazine: Like It. DISTANCE CONTROL: Predictable and reliable, with more than ample carry; very easy to dial in; most guys are in tune with the distances quickly, no need to think too much. FEEL: You instantly know how you hit the shot; maybe not quite as soft as other, more blade-like MPs but still quite nice; few companies deliver feel the way Mizuno does. CONS: For some testers, there’s not enough forgiveness, especially from the rough; others find that the MP-15 is slightly shorter than their current set; one or two guys struggle to dial in carry distances on less-than-full shots.

3. My Golf Spy: Like It. It’s barely a Phil Mickelson-sized leap to suggest that the MP-15 is the much anticipated follow-up to the MP-59. That TI Muscle Cavity sure does look familiar. In my opinion, the MP-59s are an absolutely perfect blend of modern technology and traditional styling. It’s hard to image that Mizuno could have made them any better, but much like PING, Mizuno has a habit of making small performance gains with each and every release.

4. Mark Crossfield: Love It.

5. Golf A Lot: 5 Stars out of 5. Are these for you? Well, as a blade I think these are one of the best models around. They have more of a ‘wow’ visual look than the MP-64s and whether you prefer the lighter feel at impact or not will be up to you.Whilst the extra stability and forgiveness is great they are still blades and you do need to have some inherent skill to get the most from them and I mean very low single figure handicaps.

6. Golf WRX: Like It. Mizuno also used its Harmonic Impact Technology (H.I.T.), which measures feel and sound based on frequency and decibel-readings, to confirm that the MP-15’s closely replicated the feel of the company’s MP-64 irons, which are known as one of the best-feeling irons the company has produced in its history.

7. The Sand Trap: Like It. In the end I think the MP-15 are great set for a golfer in the five to ten handicap range who are looking for something more forgiving than the MP-4, but still wanting to get a iron with great feel and better player benefits. This said though, I do feel that many irons today are struggling to find differentiation and this iron is not all that different. It is a nice blend of both the MP-64 and MP-59 but I would not be compelled to run out the door to purchase these. If I was in the market for a set, these would be extremely high on the list, but they do not offer such an enormous differentiator that would cause me to run out and leave my old set in the dust.

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