VIDEO: Young Kid Casually Drains Mini-Golf Shots with his Feet

Aldaberto “Borgetti” Lopez never got the memo that mini-golf is supposed to be hard. He also never got the memo that using a putter is optional.

In this eye-popping video, “Borgetti” drains hole-in-one after hole-in-one, using nothing but his feet. Check out the entertaining results; pure mini-golf shots domination:

The most hilarious or impressive part of the video is how nonchalantly Borgetti reacts to his hole-in-ones. Maybe that’s because this appears to be the easiest mini-golf course of all-time. Just about every ball seems to funnel right into the hole.

Check out Borgetti’s other videos which involve soccer balls and ping-pong balls. This dude has a lot of skill.

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