2015 Ultimate Product Reviews: PING Glide Wedges

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Can you believe the first day of summer is almost here? Seriously, where does the time go? The U.S. Open is just weeks away, and that’s hard to believe. I’ve been learning about a ton of new products for 2015, and wedges are one category I definitely need to do some more research. If you’re still in the market for a new wedge(s), then there’s several high-end options to choose from. I hope you’ve been enjoying this ongoing series where I compile the best product reviews and put them into one place to make it easy for everyone to find! – Matt

Club Name: Glide Wedges
Brand: PING
Category: Wedges
Price Point: $130, steel; $150, graphite
Specs: The PING Glide wedge is available in standard sole (SS), thin sole (TS), and wide sole (WS), with a combined 13 loft/sole options:

SS: 47º, 50º, 52º, 54º, 56º, 58º, 60º
TS: 58º, 60º
WS: 54º, 56º, 58º, 60º



From PING: Glide wedges are engineered from the hands down (grip to sole) to ensure short-game performance by increasing spin and consistency from any distance. The Dyla-wedge grip (longer for gripping down for trajectory control), CFS Wedge shaft (weight, flex and balance optimized) and head design (moisture-repelling 431 stainless steel, 3 sole options, added bounce, loft-optimized Gorge grooves) combine to deliver our most versatile and consistent wedge line to date.

Special Notes

Hydrophobicity: the physical property of repelling water. Hydrophobic surfaces make water bead. Hydrophilic objects, such as paper, absorb water.

Ping studies found that chrome-plated wedges are more hydrophobic than wedges without chrome finishes, which means that they move more water away from the wedge face at impact. That improves consistency, and is why the Glide wedges have satin, chrome-plated finishes. According to Ping, the finish is 220 percent more consistent in wet grass and 35 percent more consistent in dry grass than the “dark blast” finish Ping used on its previous wedge line, the Tour Gorge.

Learn more about the PING Glide wedges and find out if they may be right for you.



1. Golf Digest: Gold Rating. There’s more spin, and then there’s more control of your spin, getting all shots to land predictably. That is Ping’s smart move here: Grooves on higher lofts launch the ball lower but with maximum spin, especially from the rough. Grooves on lower lofts produce high spin on full-swing shots from dry conditions.

2. Golf Magazine: Like It. FEEL: Feedback is informative without feeling critical; little sensation on mis-hits; cavity-back is a useful, steady design—one of the more stable wedges tested; cast head gives off a good approximation of a forged feel on solid strikes; overall, a step up for Ping. PLAYABILITY: Slides through rough and sand—a helpful, high-flying wedge with a strong bunker game; three sole widths sync with a wide range of styles and courses; the wide sole packs a lot of weight low, making it a prime game-improvement option; the thin sole opens up easily around greens. CONS: Some stronger players couldn’t find the finesse they demand in a wedge; slightly oversize head turns others off; the Glide can be a little tough to gauge on partial shots.

3. My Golf Spy: Like It. What PING found was that their smooth chrome plating was actually more hydrophobic; more repellent to water. In practical terms; when conditions are wet, moisture spreads away from the cover of the ball and the face of a smooth chrome wedge faster than it does with the other finishes PING tested. The net result is a 30% increase in spin, and a reduced occurrence of fliers.

4. Mark Crossfield: Like It.

5. Golf A Lot: 5 Stars out of 5. Overall I really liked the Ping Glide wedge and it is easily the best wedge Ping has done to date. As a full shot wedge I think it is the complete package and in the gap within the gap that is being created by stronger lofts, having the 47°, 50°, 52° or even 54° Glide’s in your set is a no-brainer.

6. Golf WRX: Like It. The Glide wedges come in three different sole grinds that are considerably different, but there are a few commonalities. Compared to the Tour Gorge wedges, the new models have more bounce and more rounded leading edges to help them better glide through the turf. For improved versatility, they also have more heel relief and a steeper trailing edge.

7. Plugged In Golf: Love It. From the grip to the sole, the PING Glide wedges are engineered to give you your best chance to hit it close to the flag. While there are wedges with snappier marketing pitches, there aren’t any that are as carefully designed to perform well at every loft. These are a must-try if you’re revamping your wedges this year.


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