Want to Smell Like a Golfer? Buy the PGA Tour Pro Sport Cologne


Have you started planning what to get your pop for Father’s Day? Might want to give this one a shot.

Thanks to the good folks at the PGA Tour and Tru Fragrance, you too can now smell like your favorite professional golfer, if you know, that’s what you’re going for.

PGA TOUR Pro Sport is golf’s first EVER signature cologne. According to its conjurers, the scent is inspired by the competitive, innovative and swift nature of the game. PGA TOUR Pro Sport opens with an energizing burst of juicy citrus, followed by fresh mint and a blend of masculine woods. Created for the man with confidence on and off the course!

A 3.4 ounce bottle will run you a cool $58.

This isn’t the first time this has been tried. Remember Annika Sorenstam’s perfume, Annika, that was launched back in 2009? That got pulled from shelves less than year later. Hopefully this latest scent has a longer shelf life.

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