2015 Ultimate Product Reviews: Wilson Staff D200 Irons

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Is your golf game in midseason form yet? If not, that’s ok – mine’s not either. The U.S. Open is just a couple weeks away so maybe that will inspire me. I’ve been learning about a ton of new clubs for 2015, and irons have been among the most interesting and diverse. If you’re still in the market for a new set of sticks, then you’re in luck because there’s lots of options, regardless of your skill level. I hope you’ve been enjoying this ongoing series where I compile the best product reviews and put them into one place to make it easy for everyone to find! – Matt

Club Name: D200 Irons
Brand: Wilson Staff
Category: Super Game-Improvement Irons
Price Point: $600, steel; $700, graphite

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The Wilson Staff D200 irons – designed for the Distance player needing power, accuracy and a confidence-inspiring look at address – feature Speed Sole Technology which allows for a thinner face-to-sole transition resulting in driver-like CT’s, faster ball speeds and longer distance.

Speed Sole Technology creates a thin face-to-sole transition, yielding a driver-like CT of 234. This cutout allows the iron face to flex, especially lower where most impacts occur, for extreme distances.

Heel and toe weight pods provide a larger sweet spot and more forgiveness. A satin finish on the pods show where the weight is positioned on the exterior of the club head.

The Right Light Technology, which uses the limited available mass to create a balanced, solid-feeling club, allows Distance players to swing faster with the same effort.

Recoil Technology within the stock UST Mamiya Elements Chrome graphite shaft optimizes the spring effect and promotes the most efficient energy transfer from butt to tip to maximize ball speed and reduce ball dispersion.

Special Notes

We’ve had stores that do independent testing say our D200 irons are the best iron they’ve ever tested in their (game improvement) category. And the D200 driver is the 2nd best driver they’ve ever tested, period. We didn’t even know they were testing. They just used samples that were rattling around in the back of the salesman’s car.” – Michael Vrska, Wilson Golf

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1. Golf Digest: Gold Rating. The large profile takes some getting used to, but there are no complaints about the feel of this club or its ability to produce good shots. Wilson’s lightweight philosophy in drivers is on display here. The 59-gram UST Elements Chrome graphite shaft is meant to help players create more clubhead speed. In the irons, the front part of the sole is as thin as the face to provide extra forgiveness on shots struck low or thin.

2. Golf Magazine: Love It. The best iron model tested in the max game-improvement category. The D200 is a true standout that provides balanced performance highlighted by lots of length and forgiveness. The D200 produces a high, soft flight that can hold any green; very solid from thicker rough and other trouble lies; it’s up to the challenge when your situation calls for a three-quarter shot or a knockdown.

3. Golf Monthly: 4 Stars Out of 5. The high flight and forgiveness on offer through the entire set of Wilson D200 irons was outstanding. The feel off the face at impact is similar from the middle and the perimeter of the striking area, as is the impact sound. This is combined with Wilson’s Speed Sole technology increases the face’s spring-like effect for more distance the forgiveness on offer to make them an appealing set for golfers of any standard who often find that their mishits come up short regularly on their approach shots.

4. Southern Golf Review: Interview with Wilson’s Michael Vrska.

5. Plugged In Golf: Love It. If you want maximum distance and forgiveness from your irons, the Wilson Staff D200 irons should be on your short list. Their performance is on par with any other super game improvement iron, and the excellent feel is very a pleasant surprise.

6. Golf A Lot: Like It. The face of the staff D200 boasts a Characteristic Time (CT) of 234, which is not dissimilar to a number of drivers in the market today. As a result ball speed is increased by 2mph in comparison with the previous generation Wilson Staff D100 irons. This is achieved using what Wilson calls Speed Sole Technology, creating a thin face-to-sole transition, allowing the iron face to flex, especially at lower impact locations

7. Golf Magic: Like It. If you are not willing to splash the big cash on a new game-improvement iron but want something that provides added distance, good forgiveness and is slightly larger in size to look down on at address, the Wilson Staff D200 is well worth a look at this season, particularly given it is half the price of some of the leading contenders in our 2015 Game Improvement Irons Test.


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