VIDEO: Golfing Justin Bieber is Really Hard to Watch


For a millionaire celebrity who could pay Butch Harmon, Jack Nicklaus and Rory Mcilroy to give him lessons, Justin Bieber sure does suck at golf.

Bieber was spotted by TMZ cameras while playing a round of golf in Los Angeles last Sunday. The hilarious video shows the Canadian pop star swinging wildly over and over again and taking a ton of drops after each errant shot. Clearly, the Biebs is not a Belieber when it comes to following the rules.

The TMZ headline attached to the video and story is: “Justin Bieber Pulls a Tiger Woods….Chokes On Golf Course.” Ouch. Poor Tiger can’t catch a break these days.

Bieber is no stranger to golf, and actually has a well documented friendship with Bubba Watson of all people.

Whether you’re a Bieber fan or not, it’s refreshing to see such a major celebrity get as frustrated as the rest of us do on the course.

Golfing Justin Bieber

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